Perfection In Design

A certificated family firm that has been designing and making fine diamond jewellery since 1969. Perfection in design, no smoke, no mirrors, no corner-cutting and always unbeaten on price.

Wedding Rings are symbolic of the most important day of your life. They represent enduring love, trust and companionship and a bond between two people that should last forever. So, isn’t it worth making sure that your rings stand the test of time too?

All wedding rings are individually manufactured, we do not work from mass produced, off-the shelf mounts so whether it is a bespoke piece designed to fit precisely around the contours of your engagement ring, a more understated, traditional style or something that makes a real statement, your ring will be made especially for you, no one else will have ever worn it and you will know that it is special enough for your special day.

And if you’re not delighted, we’ll give you your money back!

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