What is a Humanist ceremony?

It is hard trying to describe a typical humanist ceremony as, by definition, each one is completely unique. There are no rules!

That said, all humanist ceremonies are:

  1. Unique: There is no set script to follow. I will work with you and write a bespoke ceremony.
  2. Non-religious: My ceremonies focus on what matters in ‘the one life we have’; our relationships with those we love and what we value.
  3. Personal: The focus is on the person or couple that the ceremony is all about, their personality and their story.
  4. Tailored:  I will make sure the mood, content and tone are exactly what you want.
  5. Collaborative: My role is to work with you to create a ceremony that is everything you want it to be, and more.
  6. Flexible: It is for you to decide when and where the ceremony is to be held. Let me know and I will be there.
  7. Sincere: There is nothing that hasto be included or words that have to be said. Every word will be true to you and your values.
  8. Approved: You will have the opportunity to read and feedback on the draft of the ceremony. It is your celebration – you decide when it’s just right for you

So, whether you want a ceremony that is large or small, formal or relaxed, traditional or unique, and whether it’s to mark something joyous, sad or bittersweet… I can help.

Blog by Margaret Mulholland Humanist Celebrant

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