Rhymes To Remember

Writer & Poet

For centuries, poetry has been used as a beautiful way of articulating love. So, what better way to make your wedding day truly romantic than with a poem? Writer/poet Sally R. Wilkes, the owner of Rhymes To Remember, writes beautiful pieces inspired by both love and nature. And if you’re looking for something completely personal to you, Sally is also able to transform your thoughts, memories and feelings into beautiful bespoke poetry.

A bespoke poem is a great way to add a unique and memorable touch to your special day. This could be through wedding vows, a reading/speech, wedding stationery, decor or a thank you gift to members of your wedding party. Imagine the faces of your loved ones when they hear or read a bespoke piece of poetry written specifically for you, your partner or your guests. The possibilities are endless so please get in touch to discuss your wishes for the day.



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