Mr and mrs hoop wreath

Mr and mrs hoop

Wedding hoop sign. Welcome your guests in style with this latest trend in Wreath hoops. Makes a great backdrop for wedding cakes and top table decor.

Available with or without flowers. Why not add your own balloons or fresh flowers for decoration? For this, just select the no flowers option.

All hoops are made to order. Choose your colour scheme of flowers and message the shop with your choice of flower colours when purchasing.

Hoops are made to order, production time is approximately 2 weeks to complete.

The hoop is lightweight plastic and 68cm in circumference.

Hoop decorated with burlap/lace ribbon or metallic colours including rose gold, silver and gold finish. Custom colours accepted, just message the shop with your request.

Please contact me for further details. LGBTQ friendly and available at no additional cost.

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