Dan McCurry Photography

London , Essex, Kent.

If you want to capture the memory of the most special day of your life I’m the photographer for you. I’m a natural and was born to take beautiful photographs.

I discovered my talent for framing great images during my time working as a video editor for BBC news. This hobby quickly spiralled into a passion shooting cityscapes to fashion events and most of all for captivating expressions and posed photoshoots. I excel at highlighting the best features of a person and my portrait shoots feature candid and spontaneous shots that show my subjects in the best possible light.

I pride myself on being on time, paying attention to details and staying courteous at all times. My turnaround times are quick. I respond to enquiries and address any challenges and I’m always happy to offer suggestions that lead to a positive outcome.

To me, photography is a fun special experience, and my clients enjoy the experience.

For more information and to talk about your specific requirements, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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