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A Celebrant that puts the WOW into every occasion

For the couple who want a completely WOW ceremony, then look no further. I am a creative, empathetic, and independent celebrant that brings a touch of magic to your day. I also have a twinkle in my eye, as you can see…..

The beauty of my work is in its versatility. Not being constricted by legal or religious limitations means you’re free to be completely true to yourselves as a couple. Whether you plan to get married in an estate house or mansion that have wonderful gardens, outside the train station where you first met, or in your own back garden, I can help make it happen anywhere.

As for the ceremony itself, this is also completely up to you. As an experienced celebrant, I can guide you towards things that naturally make for a beautiful ceremony – but I also encourage you to make it your own too. Whether you’d like to write your own vows, have no vows at all, or would like your ceremony interspersed with anecdotes and pictures of your lives together, anything is possible and anything is encouraged.

By hiring me, you are ensuring your wedding ceremony is one of a kind. Every word in your wedding ceremony script is personally written by me with help from the two of you. It is your day and no-one will ever have the same ceremony. Once everything is perfect, all that remains is to ‘tie the knot’ (a traditional ceremony that I also offer!). With my warmth, humour, and vibrancy, it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable.

If you’re looking for a celebrant who ‘Puts the WOW into every occasion’, then look no further. I am a passionate, experienced and open celebrant. I adore what I do and if you think that I am your perfect fit, then contact me on or you can also ring me on 07816456904. I am excited to hear from you.

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