I’m a photographer that wants to capture the emotions of your wedding day, to show you things that you didn’t see.

Specialising in Black and White digital photography with the occasional splash of colour when the image calls for it.

I get a buzz from bringing a candid, documentary style to your wedding day, without holding you or your guests hostage for far too many posed photos.

I don’t take rigid, cardboard cutout pictures, and it’s not unique and personal to have a dinosour chasing the guests around the venue. What is personal and unique is the adoring look a mother gives the groom.

It’s the father of the bride as he stands next to his beautiful daughter for a fleeting second before leaving her with her new husband.

It’s the brides uncle standing in for his brother that sadly passed away and the feelings that come spilling out as he see’s her in her dress as she stands at the top of the stairs in the hotel before they walk down the aisle together for the first and last time, with her father in their minds.

It’s the image on your wall in 50 years time of the two of you starting your life together with the same look in your eyes that you have now, while your grandchildren ask you again, to show them the photos.

I take powerful moments and turn them into lasting memories.

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