Beauty And Hair By Rebecca

Professional beauty therapist and hairdresser

Having had my own business for 18 years, I know how to treat clients both old and new. I take in all their needs and treat everyone equally and with respect. When you book a wedding with me, I will time everyone who has their hair done, and then total the time. If anyone is having make-up then I allow half hour per person on top of the hair time. I usually ask for you to send me pictures of each person by email so I can see what you look like, and what the hair is like?, and also pictures of the styles you all want, so I can get an idea before we meet of how long it may take to do, and if it’s possible with the length hair you have? When doing make-up, I always do a natural day look but emphasize the eyes, for the photographs.

I always say I’ll probably do a totally different make-up using different colours to what you may use, so it may take you a bit of getting used to. I take your skin, hair, and clothing colours into mind when doing make-ups. Please look at my website to see my work in the galleries, and also the different treatments that I do, which you may want in the run up to your wedding day.

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